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During the 2013 Session, I was fortunate enough to work for my constituents, including serving on the Assembly Committees on Education, Health & Human Services, and Ways & Means.  Those appointments gave me the chance to be involved in a wide range of issues that affect Nevadans.

I took primary responsibility for five bills during the Session, and all five passed without a single opposing vote, and all five were signed into law by the Governor.

Now that’s bipartisanship!

2013 Legislative Session

AB 154 streamlined the process of Child Death Review in Nevada.  This important process is designed to identify potential prevention recommendations to reduce risk for children throughout Nevada.  This bill consolidated two teams at the State level into one, improving communication and reducing cost, while keeping focused on what steps can be taken to protect Nevada’s children.

Passed Assembly 4/15/2013 (40-0)

Passed Senate 5/20/2013 (21-0)

Signed by Governor 5/24/2013

See the details of AB 154 here.

Assembly Bill 154

AB 155 updated the Child Abuse reporting statutes, making clearer who are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect, and ensuring that those individuals are educated about their responsibility.  The bill also cleared up provisions of Nevada's “Safe Haven” law, to make sure that children in rural areas had access to the same protections as those in urban areas.

Passed Assembly 4/15/2013 (40-0)

Passed Senate 5/20/2013 (21-0)

Signed by Governor 5/29/2013

See the details of AB 155 here.

Assembly Bill 155

AB 210, an Education Committee bill, established a standard for the development of Individualized Educational Programs for students who are deaf and hard of hearing.  This standard ensures that all hearing-impaired students will have a thorough consideration of their educational needs so that the resources available can be used in the most effective ways.

Passed Assembly 4/23/2013 (41-0)

Passed Senate 5/20/2013 (21-0)

Signed by Governor 5/28/2013

See the details of AB 210 here.

Assembly Bill 210

AB 221 instructed the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate processes that could identify inappropriate charges submitted to Nevada Medicaid before the payments are made, and provide for avoiding those payments, saving Nevadans money.

Passed Assembly 4/16/2013 (40-0)

Passed Senate 5/20/2013 (21-0)

Signed by Governor 5/28/2013

See the details of AB 221 here.

Assembly Bill 221

AB 273 revised Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program.  It created a process for automatic enrollment in the FMP for homeowners in default, but requires that those homeowners pay their share of the mediation fee in order to remain in the program.  It prohibits banks and common-interest communities from completing a foreclosure by sale while a homeowner is in the FMP, but allows CIC’s to continue to charge assessments, and puts strict timelines on the completion of mediation and reporting back to the lenders and CIC’s.  Ultimately, it’s about treating all parties in the process fairly.

Passed Assembly 6/3/2013 (42-0)

Passed Senate 6/3/2013 (20-0)

Signed by Governor 6/12/2013

See the details of AB 273 here.

Assembly Bill 273